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Film Overview

marilynpic1The morning of August 5, 1962, the world awoke to the shocking news: Marilyn Monroe found dead. The circumstances surrounding her death has become one of the most debated conspiracy theories in history. Was it an accident, or something more? Who did she call in her final hours? What really happened that fateful night in her Brentwood home?

Goodnight Marilyn artfully blends fact with fiction shining a new and unique perspective on the events of the last three days of Marilyn Monroe’s life from the point of view of a young fledgling private detective, Lou Morgan.

Like so many who come to Hollywood, Lou has a dream, a dream of being a screenwriter. While not tapping away at the keys of his Smith-Corona, he gets by working part-time, mainly as a private investigator. In August of 1962, just as Lou is ready to give up his dream, he lands a lucrative job.

Instead of just another P.I. gig, however, Lou finds himself thrust into a world of celebrity and political intrigue that he could have only dreamed of, rubbing elbows with the Hollywood elite as well as some of the most high profile and influential people of the era: Marilyn Monroe, President John F. Kennedy, and Attorney Robert F. Kennedy. The dream is soon shattered when Morgan finds himself an unwilling participant in one of the most intricate assassination plots of all time.

Through Morgan’s story, Goodnight Marilyn sheds new light on the mystery of what may have conspired in the days leading up to and that fateful night in her Brentwood home and unfolds the hidden story of the conspirators involved with her death.

EMOTIONAL THEME OF THE MOVIE: The main theme of the movie deals with the notion that everybody has a dream and just as dreams can come true, dreams can be shattered in a blink of an eye. The lead characters, from Lou Morgan, a struggling screenwriter and part time private eye and Cherie Winters, an up and coming actress to the iconic Marilyn Monroe are engaged in the reinventing of their lives. But in the world of Hollywood such as in life, dreams don’t always come true, or if they do, they may not last…

How far would you go to make your dream come true?

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