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The Investigation

investigationpictureIn working on this movie, we have firmly come to believe that Marilyn did not commit suicide. She may wanted the pain to go away, but she did not want to die that frightful night back in August of 1962. Help support the cause for us to overturn her “probable suicide” to either “accidental overdose” or “Undetermined.” Given the history of the case, it is reasonable to say that there is enough evidence to firmly believe once and for all that Marilyn did not take her life. Be a part of history in the making. Join us as we support and give back to Marilyn as she has given to us over the last 50 plus years. (Original painting by Havi Schanz)

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The Marilyn Investigation Team will be reviewing the evidence from any files, interviews and probable theories along with any new evidence gathered to date. Given the experience and the reputation of these seasoned experts, this will be a well-balanced and objective team that only has only one goal to see one of the most unsolved mysteries of the last century be solved, at last.

If you, or someone you know has any information pertaining to the death of Marilyn Monroe please email us at gnmarilyninvestigation@gmail.com.

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